Thunder Bay – T.Bay, as I know it – is located in the most western part of Ontario, which I have travelled to date. Among rural hotspots, one is led to the discovery of the ‘Persian.’ Not just any Persian, and not Persian in origin. The ‘Persian’ I’m talking about is of the edible variety. It’s soft, sweet, and unique to Thunder Bay. Above all, the ‘Persian’ is a local specialty that was on my list of must-see, must-try and must-experience items. Generously covered with strawberry icing, this sweet fried cinnamon-flavoured dough can be likened to a doughnut.

The Persian Man Store arr

Where does one get to sample a ‘Persian?’ I was amused to find near my apartment, approximately a fifteen minute walk, The Persian Man. Presumably, ‘the man’ after whom this eatery is named is the owner, though I’m not quite sure. In retrospect, I am certain that this shop has a clear following, and it’s not just for sandwiches and coffee. Within my academic year, I found numerous ‘Persians’ throughout a number of bakeries and shops. Needless to say, ‘Persians’ are in abundant supply; and, they’re offered here, in Thunder Bay!P.S. Personally, I find them fair but a little too sweet for my taste. Still, you can eat them! In fact, if anyone asks, I ate a ‘Persian.’ True story!

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2 thoughts on “Persian-Eating-‘Persian’

  1. haha glad you tried them at least…but I must say you still have Dryden, kenora, and a few others to explore that are closer to the western boarder. You know whats kind of Ironic, the family that started the persians is actually Italian :P Where they got the idea I have no idea.

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