Sí-trus Delight! …La Boqueria

Wherever I go, I am drawn to food. It’s quite comical because among taking part in typical tourist-type activities, while vacationing, I often frequent grocery stores – private or commercial, I’m unbiased. Without question, I must eat. I must-indulge!Boqueria Entrance arr

It’s no wonder I immediately knew to visit food markets, upon arrival in Barcelona. Also, cognizant that Barcelonans spoke Catalan, a language foreign to me, I was confident in my Spanish-speaking skills enough to make appetite-pleasing purchases. Luckily, hunger is an international language.

Boqueria Deli arrI’m enthusiastic about absorbing food in its entire splendor. And, given that I first eat with my eyes, I was eager to uncover unseen fresh and authentic national products, which I couldn’t get back home. In avoidance of mass-produced finds, and local chains, I had my heart set on La Boqueria. The quintessential open food market, in Barcelona!

Along La Rambla, a long path bustling with street performers and independent vendors, I spotted ‘the sign,’ Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria. The sign was my entry way; an open access, the ‘in’ into this action-packed buying/selling haven of good eats.Boqueria Seafood arr

Look to your right or left and you’ll find something delectable. Whether raw, cooked, cured, dried, sweet, salty, or savoury you name it, and you can find it. Whatever ‘it’ is, ‘it’ is here! Once you do claim your heart’s desire, your options don’t stop at La Boqueria. You can indulge your fabulous food finds in-house or “para llevar” (take-out). The choice is yours, and you have plenty!I always heard of good seafood smelling like the ocean, and it’s true; the coastal catch of the day had a pleasant essence of sea salt. Being a visitor, I had no kitchen to pan sear fresh tuna or scallops. But, I did find floor-to-floor coverings of stacked, packed, wrapped, and overflowing rows of gummies, nuts, fruits, vegetables, deli meat, and much more; all ready to be taken, cooked and eaten.Boqueria Fruit Salad arrAcquiesce to your senses? Gladly! Conveniently accompanied with a fork, I bought mouth-watering fruit salad ranging in a rainbow of colours. All the produce looked vibrant and lively, as if it had just been picked off the tree. Taken aback by the perfume of Spanish oranges, I could no longer resist temptation; I have had a little taste of heaven, and I now I wanted more.

Boqueria Produce arrFinally, in good conscience, I decided to sacrifice comfort and lugged a bagful of these spherical treats back to my hotel room. Citrus so luscious, scrumptious, and ever-so-juicy; the best oranges I’ve had. Sweet dreams indeed!

Copyright © DISHFUL, 2013.


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