“Melts in your Mouth…”

LV Welcome Sign arr“What happens in Vegas…” Well, I’ll tell you all about it! Las Vegas has something for everyone. There are no limits when it comes to the selection of live entertainment, clubs, and reputable casinos. The “city that never sleeps” virtually keeps you awake by catering to your every need.

Given the range of choices, what’s a girl to do? Watch a live performance by Sean Kingston? Check! Sunbathe pool-side and watch a fountain spectacle at the Bellagio? I stayed there, and clearly done that too!

M&M Shop arrIn addition to shopping and a Grand Canyon tour, food finds made my excursion as memorable as these leisurely activities. Chocophile that I am, I practically died and went to choco-coma as a bouquet of cocoa engulfed the air, guiding my senses into the M&M Candy Store. Surrounded by chocolate, I was in my happy zone. Just picture the following: colourful rows of bulk M&M candies, M&M ice-cream bars, individually-wrapped chocolate, and even candy-inspired memorabilia present in surplus volume. Being in a chocolate shop was fun, as it reminded me of that Simpsons episode where Homer dreams of life in chocolate.

These candy-coated morsels are undeniably pleasing. Since childhood, however, I’ve developed an affinity for dark chocolate and, in due consideration, chose to forgo these confections and continued walking along the strip. Venetian Outside arr

Patience, as they say, “is a virtue.” I found validity in these words upon exploring the lobby grounds of the Venetian. As much as I was mesmerized by this hotel resort’s interpretation of the Grand Canal, with gondolas afloat, I noticed a quaint dessert hideaway. Host to an assortment of fine Italian pastries, Tintoretto Bakery also displayed one specific item that caught my attention. Tintoretto ChocoMousse arrBehind the vibrant fruit tarts, there it was – chocolate mousse. Generous in serving size, this treat lived up to a standard of equal proportion. I saw, I ordered and I pampered my taste buds with a highly refined, luxurious, decadent chocolate creation worth the find, and wait!

Copyright © DISHFUL, 2013.


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