Going, Going, Gone…‘Gaufre’

Nickles Inside arrSince watching Diners, Drive-ins & Dives, I’ve been exposed to Guy Fieri’s countless trips to classic American food joints. Given his success in discovering one-of-a-kind finds, at these local town favourites, I’ve decided to make similar stops when given the chance.

Nickles Desserts arrOpportunity arose in Montréal, when I intuitively found a retro-inspired restaurant. Warmly greeted by a hostess, I immediately felt welcomed to Nickles. Second memory that comes to mind is the refrigerated cakes. Located near the entrance, they were hard to miss. Right then and there I decided, full or not, I must have a piece of that multi-layered chocolate cake – can you blame me?

The setting fit the meal perfectly. Sitting comfortably in my booth, I scanned both the menu and the vintage black and white photos of my favourite celebrities – James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. Eating while on vacation also means ignoring calories. As such, I selected what sounded interesting. “Howdy-Doody?” Don’t mind if I do – it’s a burger, really! A classic hamburger topped with Havarti cheese, and jalapeño peppers. In the spirit of enjoying my down time, I upgraded the fries to a poutine and added a strawberry milkshake. I know, I know…what about leaving room for dessert? Fortunately, I had a dinner companion to share this moist and rich cake. The food was ideal for a diner, and the memories exceptional.

Hunting and gathering didn’t stop there. My Montréal rendez-vous extended to Les Trois Brassseurs. There, I was presented with not only dessert and drinks but, too, the best breakfast item. Gaufre 2 arrIn following the waiter’s recommendation, ‘gaufre’ (waffle) had been ordered. Served à la mode, this dense waffle’s exterior was so crispy, as if it had been encrusted with pecans – unlike any other late night snack. Surprisingly nut-free, one bite of the ‘gaufre’ was enough to ease my guilt for having second helpings of dessert. Lesson once learned, again reinforced – expect the unexpected!

Copyright © DISHFUL, 2013.


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