Ever wanted to dine like an “A-lister”? Here’s your chance. The fabulous city of Las Vegas is the mecca of upscale restaurants. ‘Dish city’ – ‘gone wild-ly gourmet – offers fans of celebrity chefs, like Todd English or Emeril, a multitude of haute cuisine venues along the strip.

Spago Table arrAdmiring several masters of the trade, a few names came to mind. In the heart of Caesar’s Palace, however, I read two tempting syllables: spa-go. In recognition of Wolfgang Puck, an internationally-acclaimed restaurateur, I could only anticipate a first class meal from his famed restaurant – Spago.

“First impressions count!” Courteously greeted by the hostess, advance booking ensured a seemingly non-existent wait time. Similarly well-executed – of ‘grande échelon’ – had been the prompt and efficient transition into the dimly lit restaurant, where modern elegance notably reigned supreme. Soon after being escorted to my table and receiving formal introduction, the astute waiter took notice of my attire – a black evening dress. Without cue, and much to my elation, he graciously offered to replace my white napkin in exchange for a dark one. Napkin colour matters? When it comes to avoiding possible lint remittances, yes they do! Fortunately, I hit the jackpot with a proactive and client-oriented gentleman who cared to go the extra mile. Already receiving star treatment, dinner service was off to a great start – Ramsay would be proud!Spago Starter arr

As a member of ‘The Wolf Pack,’ your presence is acknowledged and needs met – you’re never forgotten nor ignored. Immediately offered teasers of pleasantry, in a teacup, the complimentary chilled creamed soup matched the top-rate service. Obvious in taste and presentation, this amuse-bouche heeded the streamlined American-fusion menu. Equally appetizing, the hearty meal I had requested – red wine braised beef short-ribs. Bountiful in description, this ‘fancy beast’ was generous in portion as well. Beef Ribs arrHow much is too much? Towering a bed of ricotta-filled raviolini, the succulently rich and tender meat was plated with a vegetable medley of grilled eggplant, leeks, tomatoes and squash. Agreeably luxurious in flavour, this banquet feast – intended for single consumption – beckons a gluttonous appetite. Comfortably full, midway, I still left satisfied.

Never settling for less than the best is what separates the elite from the mediocre. Spago, clearly, maintains the same line of thought. Organization at its prime, culinary excellence and optimum hospitality is apparent in both the preparation of elevated cuisine, and delivery of impeccable service; a truly irreplaceable pairing. Living to expectation, my fine dining experience was memorable from beginning to end thanks to the initiative taken on behalf of many persons – frontline and kitchen staff – to make every moment count. All in all, my occasion was made special by star plating and stellar service. An autograph worth signing – on the cheque!

Copyright © DISHFUL, 2013.


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