Cheer Up, Buttercup!

Capellanes Exterior arr“We love our bread, we love our butter” and, I believe Madeline would agree, yeast-leavened dough can be made better – with chocolate! Typical of ‘viennoiseries’ (baked goods), folded layers of butter and flour produce light, flaky, and versatile goodness, known as ‘croissant.’ Adopting an affinity for sweet rolls, variations don’t stop at ‘pain au chocolat’ or in France.

Capellanes Pastries arrAt Viena Capellanes, one learns Spaniards also enjoy finding a Kinder-like surprise in the center of their wheat treats. Taking a dynamic approach to the stuff/roll technique, this madrileño artisan bakery replaces solid cocoa shavings with one of three irresistible fillings: ‘nata,’ ‘crema,’ and ‘trufa.’ Highly luxurious – inside and out – take your pick of amplified hand-sized crescents that are sliced, then liberally coated with freshly whipped natural cream, custard or truffle.

Capellanes Croissant arrA taste on the lips, and it became evident that my plump ‘trufa’ croissant lives up to the common cook’s ideology – richness evokes flavour. Agreeably so, I wouldn’t want my dessert to skimp on authenticity. Visibly loaded, this heavily piped truffle spread is velvety smooth in consistency and overwhelmingly full of chocolate essence. Clearly using quality ingredients, the only guessing game is one’s manner of consumption. Whether you choose to tear, strip or break into this pastry, it will be devoured – down to the last buttery flake!

Copyright © DISHFUL, 2013.


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