Beefcakes “R” Us

Prospector Exterior arrSave the date! Looking forward to the most important day of the year – my birthday – I could not leave annual dinner plans in another’s hands. Rightfully so, I wanted a special meal deserving of a song – “Happy Birthday!” Asking around, I heard of a T. Bay venue where the dinner roll – by word of mouth – is to die for. If freshly baked bread is that good, I conceived, The Prospector Steakhouse must equally serve mouth-watering cuts of prime meat.Prospector Menu arr

Sporting my adventurous side, I casually made my way to the great outdoors – in-house. Upon entry to this steakhouse, the dimly-lit wooded lodge atmosphere was foretelling of the warm and toasty comfort to be expected. Hot uncrossed buns anyone? For all ‘star’ gazers and grazers alike, the glowing indoor campfire – commercial oven – remained pre-heated, delivering an infinite baking spectacle of this sought-after treat. Fearing no scary story – shortage of rolls – I displaced myself from my comfy circle, and set on foot to a nature trail of hot vegetable soup and refreshing salad starters. Gravitational forces – of hunger –at work, you’re immediately pulled to the restaurant’s core where clients find a constellation of food, all conveniently arranged at eye level – telescope not required!

Prospector Steak arrWhat’s on for supper? For a rare annual outgoing to the Prospector, what else than exceptional prime rib served with medium-sized potatoes, both done right! Already sighting the ‘northern lights,’ in a colourful array of appetizers, my dinner was made complete with a satisfying steak-frites selection, straight off the menu. Robust in meaty flavour, my gorgeous cake was juicy, tender and trimmed. Also topped with a surplus of edible candles, though misrepresentative of my age, the massive quantity of delicious hand-cut golden fries was more than welcome. With a celestial sphere of slow-roasted meat and Yorkshire pudding, close in orbit, I wonder what Nostradamus would prophesize of this plated meal – a very good prospect!

Copyright © DISHFUL, 2013.


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