Season’s Gr-eat-ings!

October is a month that marks many seasonal preludes.  More than burnt tinges of red being apparent on fallen poplar and maple leaves, the initiation of sweater-weather is reminiscent of delicious holiday warm-ups to anticipate.  Standing in my kitchen, pouring my daily brew – coffee – my mug of neutralized-acidic comfort reminds me of one particular toasty fall offering – Turkey Day.

With a drop in the barometer, finding a tantalisingly manner to seek some heat-retreat on this thankful day was easy.  Strategically volunteering to resume my annual kitchen post, dessert-making and turkey basting, my dual-positions served me well; periodically opening the modern-day hearth – stainless steel oven – not only allowed me to keep a watchful eye on the savoury ‘goods’ but, too, released a welcoming steamy backdraft that appeased my senses.  From start to finish of cooking production, fast-track a quarter of a day later and, finally, edible abundance – roasted pepper squash, moist turkey carvings, and generously herbed and butter-intoxicated sides – in all its succulent glory.  Fortunately, the earlier arrival of Thanksgiving – compared to our American cousins – is, without a doubt, an occasion for which Canadians are to be thankful – humbly, of course.

Turkey Dinner arr

While everyone’s prudent to maintain their table-side manners, over-indulgence – during the holidays – is a must!  Let’s be honest.  If not now – the holidays – when?  It would be a shame, to say the least, to pass up the opportunity to sample the fruits of your family’s labour.  With thanks in mind, and hunger on the rise, I did what any good daughter would do – I politely made my way down the food-chain of holiday dishes, and filled my plate with a journey of aromatic flavours.

Blame it on tryptophan!  Undeniably scrumptious, my gobbled meal left me feeling satisfied, loved, and incredibly stuffed.  Loaded on a surplus of heart-warming cinnamon and nutmeg-kissed helpings of veg could mean one thing; one full plate eaten within one hour leaves for one appropriately-fitting intermission prior to dessert – power nap.

Just recounting epic portions leaves me tired.  My goodness!  Why do we do this to ourselves?  First, we’re cautious not to fill-up on breakfast, in anticipation of ‘the meal’ ahead.  Then, we over-eat convincing ourselves it’s a one-time guilt-free occasion; and, only to endure a day-long recovery period, followed by a capricious annunciation to abolish all-things-turkey until next year.  Lesson unlearned:  delicious food is meant to be tasted, never wasted.  In the spirit of the holidays, indulgences must be satisfied, belts will continue to be loosened, and in good measure, safe-guards will be put into gear to look forward to upcoming cornucopia of eats.  In other words, do yourself a favour and appreciate future harvests by making a very grateful investment in stretchy pants – “spandex, all spandex!”

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