Traditionalists will tell you to:  twist it, dunk it, and then bite it.  But, if I give you an Oreo cookie, you can crush and slice it.  Yes, I did mess with a good thing.  Even better, in doing so, I found there are plenty of delicious ways to consume an Oreo cookie.

Oreo IceBox Cake arrThanks to an online bank of recipes, locating the necessary steps and ingredients for a personal production of newly transformed filled cookie indulgences was fast and reliable.  My particular use of Oreo cookies resulted in triumphant truffles and a no-bake, no-fuss Oreo ice-box cake that your friends and family will adore.

Baking with Oreos is as easy as:  shop, unpack and assemble.  Truly!  Well, almost – truly worth some elbow grease.  Calling for an overload of the famed versatile cookie sandwich, both recipes – though transformed in structure – remain true in taste.  All you need for the ice-box cake are the cream-filled cookies – the real deal – and ice cream of your choice.  If you want to get fancy, just layer the ice cream onto a chocolate pie shell, then top with more cookies – intact, pieces or crumbs – and take it one step further by decorating your frozen dessert with more candy toppings, though optional.

Oreo Truffles arrAs for the truffles, create a smooth sweet and savoury mixture by combining crushed cookies with plain cream cheese.  And, chill.  Wait – the truffle or me?  Accurate, twice!  Patience remains a virtue, and this recipe demands that you refrigerate the mixture, and take a time out.  Once chilled, the firmed mixture is more manageable to scoop, shape into hand-rolled balls, and dip into melted chocolate.  Remember ‘patience’?  Yes, after a second cooling off period – of course – the end result is worth acquiescing to:  rich and scrumptious two-bite pieces of chocolate coated decadent joy.

Something good can be told of eating of Oreos the old-fashioned way – no additions, no adaptations, and no wait time.  Equally satisfying, however, remains revamping a store-shelf favourite into a batch of edible luxury – an irresistible change, I’m sure Oreo-conformists will welcome.

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