Silver and Gold

Gingerbread Cookie Steps arrIt’s that time of year again – Christmas – and, I love it!  The time of year where sweet things are made of these:  white sugar, brown sugar and molasses.  While mom’s red and green glistening sugar cookies can never be duplicated, I can’t think of a better way to get into the holiday spirit than to start a baking blitz.  After all, nothing spreads holiday cheer faster than filling a room with the essence of homemade cookies.

One part delicious and one part décor, I present to you my take on tradition with none other than the, “Oh – how sweet it is – Christmas tree!”  It all started with a ‘moment.’  That moment when I saw it, wanted it, but knew I didn’t need it.  Then, the dilemma – should I buy it or not?  Next question to ask, “Must I have it?”  Yes!  I absolutely must own a set of star-shaped cookie cutters.  And yes, I must create my very own cookie tree.  So, I did exactly that! Sugar Cookie Tree arr

Silver and gold or ‘au naturel,’ the best part of making your own edible centerpiece is its versatility; they can be embellished to fit any thematic scheme, and one’s personal preference.  Following a reliable sugar or gingerbread cookie recipe – I use Martha Stewart’s – I proceed to whip up and roll out a batch of cookie dough, and then pop my star cut-outs into the oven for the instructed time.  Once baked and cooled, let the tree trimming begin!

Decorated Cookie Tree 2013 arrMinimalists may choose to leave their towering 3-D spectacle as is – a pure display of subdue shining glory.  As for me, ‘tis the season and that means adding sparkle, royal icing, and metallic-tone dragées to capture much sought twinkling nostalgia.   With or without the addition of ‘toppers,’ this layered treat is a sight for the eyes, and is certain to please cookie monsters everywhere.  Word to the wise, taste trumps design.  So to yield deliciously festive results – worthy of the ‘nice’ list – heed a tried and tested recipe.  Happy baking!

Copyright © DISHFUL, 2013.


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