You’ve Been Served…

AGteamenu arrBundle up because “Baby, it’s cold outside…!” Facing December chills, and seasonal expectations – do’s and don’ts of winter weather – is no news to Canadians.  Even so, some snow bunnies need more than the usual – mitts, scarf, boots – to keep warm.

The good news is, where there is a wilful appetite there is a way!  Making cold days tolerable, crackling fire-roasted chestnuts sound delightful.  Delivering equal parts warmth and pleasure, my ideal escape and answer to combatting cold months is found indoors, reserved tableside, and in a hot ceramic pot.  Quenching one’s thirst for all things liquid hot, I retreat to Angus Glen Golf Club for “Festive Afternoon Tea.”AGteafood arr

White, green or tisane, the list of tea options is vast and continues to the second page.  They don’t call this an “afternoon” affair for no reason – decisions, decisions!  Given the predetermined three-tier array of finger foods – sandwiches, tartlets, and sweet/savoury scones – I was fortunate to allot ample time to thoughtfully select this Sunday’s swimming highlight – synchronized aromatic loose leaf blends.

AGtea arrScanning dessert-inspired recipes, “Tiramisu” and “Crème Brûlée Chai” immediately caught my eye.  Consistent with the menu’s listed offerings, the aforementioned herbal and blossoming teas are undeniably flavourful; chocolate infused rooibos, in addition to ‘spicy’ appearances – cardamom, cinnamon, clove, and ginger – in the concentrated chai make for two intriguing speciality beverages.  Spotting another delicately spiced variety, order’s in:  “Cococream Rooibos!”  Steamed up and ready to be poured, I tipped my pot of steeped comfort to pleasantly awaken my semi-hibernated senses.  Deliciously familiar, my preferred selection well-integrates hints of sweet vanilla, spicy ginger and cinnamon, coconut shavings, as well as rose and marigold.  With dried flower petals ‘abloom’ – in my cup – how can one not feel as if they have escaped the winter blues?  Afternoon or not, ‘defrosting’ at home doesn’t get any easier than inviting whistling shouts into your kitchen – kettle’s on!

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