Off to Work We Go!

MendiantAngle arr“Diamonds are forever!”  Timeless treasure that it is, anyone who has a keen eye for all that sparkles is certain to learn the “4 C’s” – cut, clarity, carat and colour – and quickly, myself included.  Even if you’re already feeling fabulous, wearing blinding pieces of lustrous carbon unquestionably illuminates one’s natural glow.

Like a good friend, ‘Diamant’ always encourages one to shine bright.  It’s no wonder the brilliant appeal of this lump of coal lures one to befriend its companions, ruby and emerald.  Highly captivating, my attraction to the elegance and beauty of these earthly gems has inspired me to excavate my own precious stones.  Upon laborious execution of deshelling and the “4 S’s” – soaking, segmenting, separating and studding – I formerly present the result of my hulled efforts, in a holiday collection:  pomegranate and pistachio ‘mendiant’ (chocolate disc). MendiantIngredients arr

Traditionally, dried fruits and nuts are used to bedazzle this French confection.  Entering the chocolate business – for a day – I, however, chose to pass on the passé.  Getting my hands dirty with more than tempered chocolate, I take chocolate rounds to new heights.  Out with old and wrinkly, the arduous task of mining through pith and peel is worth the sought-after prized reveal – rubies in the rough.  Unlike readily dehydrated specimens, my adaption and use of Persia’s finest – edible red and green cultivations – does require extra heavy lifting.

MendiantCloseup arrBefore you divide and conquer, however, remember:  input is equal to output!  Preparation, then, is the key to achieving success!  My advice, handle pomegranate seeds with care – a “Gusher” fruit burst effect is not the aim.  Though amicable, I also suggest avoiding Lucille-type mis-haps by creating an organized and efficient work station; arrange desired toppings in separate bowls, place a parchment-lined baking sheet aside, and leave melting of premium quality chocolate for last.  All ingredients ready-to-go, spoon tempered chocolate onto parchment, decorate the discs, and leave sufficient time for the ‘rocks’ to set.

Work hard, eat well and be amazed!  Post-cooling, it’s time to reap the fruits of your labour.  One bite, and there’s no comparison – fresh is best!  Though time-consuming, you can’t deny the depth in vibrant taste; sweet, tart and rich flavours are no match to dull and unpolished dried alternatives.  Ultimate reward for the day:  dripping in mineral-rich jewels with the latest hand accessory – adornment via ‘mendiant.’

© DISHFUL, 2013.  All Rights Reserved.


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