Mixology 101

Put ‘what’ in the coconut?   Lime would be the predictable response – for cocktail drinks.  For a baker in need, however, sweetened condensed milk is a friend indeed.  Intentionally flying off grocery shelves, a single can of ‘Eagle Brand’ is ideal for the creation of fragrant coconut macaroons.  But, don’t let the compact size fool you.  Guaranteed grandiosity – in results – a little bit of ‘this’ certainly goes a long way.

macaroon before arrTo make yours, let’s get ‘cracking!’  Can’t break an egg?  Don’t worry!  Courtesy of the ‘Eagle,’ this no-fuss recipe caters to all bakers – entry-level, advanced and food-sensitive.  With your ‘dozen’ safely nestled away, a complete omission of eggs happily equates to no separating, no beating of egg whites, and clearly no walking on eggshells around this task.

Where the ‘bird’ is the word, a checklist  of “must-haves” include:  one can of s.c.m plus shredded coconut, and spiked flavourings – dash of vanilla essence and almond extract.  Textured additions – chocolate, nuts and/or candied fruit – also make for the many faces of this chameleon cookie.  Ignorant of complications, whipping up a basic batch of pure coconut macaroons is bliss.  Simply shake contents, out of their package, and well-combine the ‘four’ into a bowl.  Keeping up with efficiency, continue by measuring uniform portions of the blended mix, using an ice-cream scoop, and neatly arrange the mounds onto a parchment-lined baking sheet.  Ready for a heat treatment, pop your bountiful tray into a 325 F preheated oven, and bake for 10-12 minutes.  Can’t get enough of golden crisp – edges?  I don’t blame you!  macaroon after arrTawny glow reached, ‘before’ shots of this tropical treat are undeniably pale in comparison to its dramatic bake-over – toasted success!

In a nutshell, macaroon-making can be fast and far from tedious.  Did I mention there’s a catch?  Well, there is – but, just one!  Brace yourselves:  you must like coconuts, and plenty of it; six cups worth, to be exact!  Surmountable in coconut flesh and outlasting in intense nutty flavour, there really is no substitute for this palatable delight – the ‘ultimate survivor.’  So if you’re after a taste of the islands but not necessarily “cuckoo for coconuts,” a great escape may lie in another fruit-inspired indulgence.  Team ‘coco’ or not, rest-assured, a following persists.  Ceasing to leave any, not one delectable morsel, abandoned – on a dessert plate – macaroon fans will turn coconut into something wonderfully edible.  At last, paradise found!

© DISHFUL, 2014.  All Rights Reserved.


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