Minutes of Your Time

Afternoon ‘pick-me-up,’ ring a bell?  How about that late night sudden urge for a guilty pleasure – usually chocolate.  Why delivery service – for a “desserts-only” menu – is still non-existent, is beyond my comprehension?  While someone somewhere, decides to someday draft up a much desired business plan to fulfill bouts of unshakable cravings, there is an immediate solution.  Next time you’re overcome by that snack attack, here’s an easy – satisfaction guaranteed – fix:  zap it!

MC final arrBlinding lasers absent, behold a magic spectacle with your very own microwave.  Love it or hate it, this electrical cooking device creates cake in minutes.  Proud owner of an “Easy-bake Oven” – from childhood – it’s been long lost, in the basement.  Given the grown-up alternative, however, find no love lost for greasing of Bundt pans or replacing of burnt light bulbs.  Getting ready to de-rumble – my stomach – I collect the necessities for CHOCOLATE MUG CAKE.

“Microwave-safe?”  These two words – other than health/safety – can’t be stressed enough!  Regardless of colour, size or shape please ensure your mug is viable to withstand heat, and safe for microwave use.   Proactive and avoiding all disaster, then, it’s time to go pantry hunting.  ‘Collectibles’ in hand, first add the ‘dry’ ingredients, and follow with the ‘wet’ into your “microwave-safe” mug:  four tablespoons – each – of all-purpose flour and caster/granulated sugar, two tablespoons of cocoa powder, a quarter teaspoon of baking powder, three tablespoons of chocolate chips, a pinch of salt; and now mix in one egg, three tablespoons – each – of milk and vegetable oil; and finally, a dash of vanilla essence.   Well-combined – in the mug – this mess-free recipe is now ready to be ‘radiated.’MC mug arr

Grand entry made, sit the mug onto the middle of the microwave and set the time.   Eyes fixated and fingers-crossed, my ‘greased-lightening’ puffs to a gooey chocolate pudding dessert.  FYI:  microwaves – as you’re aware – vary in power.  As such, laser spectacles may last up to two minutes.  Only enduring one minute and forty-five seconds, at ‘100 power,’ my end result is revealing of a speedy bargain – bolted cake, and show!

Taking minutes of your time, cake-making – in a mug – doesn’t get more convenient than this.  Better yet, sky’s the limit with flavour options.  Catering to your palette, easily customize this recipe with creative additions and/or replacements:  peppermint, orange or almond extracts; chopped nuts or butterscotch bits, in place or combination with chocolate chips; and, if you must, a spoonful of peanut butter or Nutella – possibilities are endless!  Clearly effortless, guiltless devouring of this luscious cake knocks-out any midnight impulse.  Unapologetically caving into temptation, how can one not be all smiles? – take a ‘mug shot!’

© DISHFUL, 2014.  All Rights Reserved.


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