No Baked Alaska!

Frozen – in time – shaved iced is clearly nothing new.  Pleasantly evolved,  Häagen-Dazs bars and the unfailing Baskin Robin’s Mocha Almond Fudge – preferably, two scoops in a cup – are among some frozen desserts that persist to amaze.  Tried and true to taste, real cream dairy favourites, yoghurt alternatives, and even gelato are a must in anyone’s freezer.

As young and old scurry to stockpile their icebox, the pursuit of a happy summer leads me to another hot craze.  It’s no Baked Alaska, but comes close – no-melt ice cream cones.

Welcome to mess-free country!  Napkins saved, this melt-free edible table fixture is the ultimate must-have treat to top off any backyard b.b.q.  To make, you’ll need:  ice cream cones, cake batter, frosting, sprinkles and your choice of toppings. Cone Cake arr

“I’ve got the power”… to decide?  Exactly, and so do you!  This versatile recipe leaves you with endless options.  Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet or any other batter you can think of, decisions are truly yours to make.  Still holding the reigns, choose between homemade batter or some help from a boxed Betty for a guilt-free – cake mix approved – treat.

For my not-so-dirty dozen, I whip up two separate batches of batter and frosting – chocolate and vanilla.  Oven preheated, I proceed to line up and leave – flat bottom – cones standing in a muffin tray.   Simply pour the batter into the cones – three-fourths full – and proceed to bake until an inserted toothpick comes out clean.  Next, allow the plain Janes to cool.  This stage is critical, as even slightly warm cone-cakes will – in fact – melt the frosting.  So, to ensure a ‘no-melt’ appeal, calmly dress the cooled and collected bunch using a filled piping bag.  Different tips will undoubtedly reveal distinct designs – again, you decide.  Tearing a page out of good-old fashioned value toppings, my retrolicious cone-cakes are made complete with a dash of rainbow sprinkles and maraschino cherries – of course!Cone Cake Plain arr

Time well spent?  I’d say so!  Hands-free – of dripping liquefied sugar – in addition to a cleared dessert plate, no-melt ice cream cones are a definite crowd pleaser.  Caring to share, transport of these ‘sundaes’ is made easy.  How?  Follow suit by using paper ice-cream trays – got mine at Mickie D’s – and, carefully set these ‘beauties’ into place for convenient carriage to its anticipated destination.  Long story short, “no” means “no!”  In this case, averting disastrous situations – brain-freeze, melt-downs and hot messes – are affirmative indicators of one triumphant summer afternoon get-together.  In continuum of happy snacking, then, cone-cakes are the ideal addition to any sweet’s bar – with a cherry on top!

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