The Toronto Chocolate Show

ChocShow1 arr“Do you know the muffin man?” Whether you do or don’t, I have met someone better – the chocolate man!  Clearly at the Toronto Chocolate Show, the Mayan Gods have spoken as a day is molded for chocophiles.   To be seen and tasted, a bountiful discovery of cocoa-inspired creations awaits everyone in the mood for all things chocolate.  Finding no place like a homely invite, a visual feast awaits at Dolcini’s.  Here, master chocolatier Joseph proudly presents rows upon rows of magically transformed pods into bite-size spectacular:  handcrafted chocolate sculptures, rich truffles and individual specialty confections. ChocShow2 arr

Options abound, the age-old question hits, “Which is one to sample first?” When it comes to an endless array of chocolate, there’s only one route to take:  some of everything!  Sampling lychee and hibiscus-infused bonbons first, I easily return in queue for more.  Second round, encapsulated coffee flavoured chocolate and dark chocolate dried fruit and nut encrusted mendiant fit the bill. ChocShow3 arr

Four very delicious chocolaty gems already devoured, blood sugar hasn’t peaked – yet! Seeking for more unseen and must-indulge specimens, I venture to Earl’s next.  Men hard at work – melting, stirring, shaping and decorating portions of paradise – it’s no wonder fine quality product carries a handsome cost.  Fortunately, a little patience goes a long way.  Exchanging wait-time for bites of heaven, patrons are generously rewarded with delectably smooth hazelnut ganache squares that are studded with crushed feuilletine cookie, and a hint of refreshing mint garnish.  Caring to share, I take two – one for me, and the other for my ‘friend.’  All in all, both were highly enjoyable.  ChocShow6 arrChocShow5 arr

But, that’s not all. With a name like “Hotti Biscotti,” I had to see what the buzz was about.  Doing just that, I realize this Hamilton sweet’s shop specializes in more than ‘softer’ biscotti cookies.  In addition, cake pops and chocolate coated pretzel sticks offer admirers a selection of both sweet and salty crave-curbing treats.  Living up to pure ‘nutty’ flavour, the peanut butter pop is a moist chocolaty morsel that’s definitely worth a try.

Almost done, a ‘final’ stop turns out to be a pleasantly enduring trail of velvety cocoa perfection. ‘Last’ but certainly not falling short on variety, the following vendors show case their finest in edible art:  Indulgence Truffles, The Golden Apple, Two Friends Chocolates, and Brix Chocolate.  From chocolate topiaries and sushi rolls to 24 karat gold leaf topped truffles, there’s no doubt that serotonin compounded cocoa ‘bundles’ are plenty and abound for everyone. ChocShow7 arr Equally enjoying a vast selection of treats, I leave contently full on a happy-meal-of-chocolate.  Without a doubt, mission to delight in chocolate has been successfully accomplished!

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