Some Bunny Loves Chocolate

Chocolate Pretzels 4 arrSpring is in the air ─ finally!  Welcoming April showers, Easter, Passover and a four-day long-weekend, who wouldn’t be in a hopping mood?   Chocolate Pretzels 6 arrWithout a doubt, I am!  And for this chocolate aficionado, there’s no better way to share some edible joy than with everyone’s favourite:  chocolate-covered pretzels.

Counting the ways I love chocolate, here’s my triple take for a sweet, salty and crunchy chocolate pretzel fix:  chocolaty egg’s nest, sugar-coated chocolate-covered pretzels, and Cadbury chocolate marshmallow pretzel bark.  Chocolate Pretzels 5 arrSurely ─ for those in the know ─ these treats are no news.  As for me, tackling and creating first attempts in delicious never gets old ─ ‘egg-specially’ when it includes cho-co-la-te!

Chocolate Pretzels 3 arrJoining the fun fare hunt, then, chocolate bunnies get ready!  In preparation of this seasonal snack, get your hands on the only basket required ─ shopping ─ and proceed to fill it up with the magic three must-haves:  melting chocolate of choice ─ milk, dark or white ─ a bag of pretzel sticks or knots, and Cadbury eggs.

Already a no-bake recipe, there’s better news:  no-preheating leaves plenty of time for pre-eating.  Possibly getting chocolate egg on one’s face, I gladly take the risk!  Chocolate shamelessly tested ─ in good faith, of course ─ I concur:  these samples are good, and most definitely shall be used.  Now, for the actual steps:  place broken pieces of chocolate into a heat-proof bowl, and over a double-boiler; second, dip the pretzels into the melted chocolate; lastly, arrange the chocolate-coated sticks, leaving a concave center, and allow them to cool.  Chocolate Pretzels 2 arrOnce the nestled chocolaty bundles are set, decorate each pretzel-weaved nest with pastel eggs.

As for additional announcements, here’s what to do with all that extra “egg-xtra”:  pour spare melted chocolate over a parchment-lined baking sheet, dot the bark’s surface with pretzels, and then add a few more Cadbury mini eggs.  Chocolate Pretzels 7 arrSeemingly lost in a chocolate pool, bunny-tails ─ miniature marshmallows ─ can be used or replaced with other desirable candy toppings.  Last but not least, the chocolate-covered knotted twists also follow the same path:  dip salt crusted pretzels ─ one-by-one ─ into melted chocolate, and finish by dusting its surface with crystalized sugar.  So, there you have it!  Three tempting nibble-worthy sweets ─ or as Bugs loves to say, “That’s all folks!”

© DISHFUL, 2015.  All Rights Reserved.


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