The Chow Down

Quincy Market arrWhere there are good shops, too, follows good eats. Located in Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace, I came across a local oyster bar amicable in name and service – The Salty Dog. Dine-in or retreat under a patio umbrella, either way the only association to man’s best friend is the undivided attention given to you, the patron, and loyal adherence to traditional recipes.

Boston Fun Sign arrOysters Rockefeller to start, this seafood bar and grill continued to fulfill my desire to unwind with the very best offerings from the east coast. Worthy of a mug shot, creamy seafood stew – a.k.a. New England clam chowder – is stick to your ribs divine. Intensely compatible in flavour, the companionship of freshly cooked clams married with potato chunks in a rich dairy-based broth left me feeling satisfied – happy ‘tales’ indeed. If each savoury spoonful wasn’t hearty enough, mixing in accompanying Westminster Baker’s Co. oysters crackers – the classic thickening agent – makes this wholesome soup all the more enjoyable.

Salty Dog Chowder arrComfortably ‘clammed up’ – busy eating chowder – I don’t think it was a part of my imagination when I noticed another home-grown sighting. Call me Scully – I spotted a UFO! There’s no mystery when it comes to an episode of “been there, tasted that!” Forever a part of my DISH-files, I present the pleasant landing of a ‘friendly’ on the counter – UFO White. Spiced and bottled by Harpoon Brewery, this concoction of unfiltered wheat beer sides on a lighter ale with high notes of orange and coriander. Wide-mouth drinking glasses abound, many take a liking to the crisp and clean taste of this refreshing beverage – a ‘crop’ circle to be revered, not feared. Heart and stomach happily full, rounding out a New England summer’s afternoon is undeniably best when it’s done your way – for me, a Bostonian Party of wicked delicious quality food/drink.

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