Breakfast by the Waterfront

Wake up and get going! But wait, whilst on vacay? That’s right! It’s time to rise and shine, and get a move on for breakfast. Already in love with the fresh San Francisco air, here are two more sunny reasons to adore this golden state: Eight AM and the Waterfront Bakery.

Taking a leisurely exursion to appease caffeine pangs, I cut through the brisk morning fog in search of aromatic, hyptonic, and my morning “must-have”: COFFEE! Freshly brewed, French pressed or dripped espresso topped with steamy yet frothy milk, yes and yes – serve me my morning cup of java!

the waterfront bakery 3 arrHeading left and right – separate days, mind you – 1323 Columbus Avenue and 2801 Leavenworth Street is where you’ll find the aforementioned ‘wake-up’ worthy venues. Spotlighting the Waterfront Bakery, here you’ll find a taste of ‘joie de vivre,’ in a quaint Parisian-inspired pâtisserie. Best of all, step inside to behold an artisan display of crusty French breads ready to be admired and enjoyed as the ideal edible souvenir. Between laminated or sour dough selections, I forgo croissants and baguettes for tender flaked chocolate-filled buttery pastry – a delectable mouthful in utterance and consumption. Equally eyeing danishes and slices of heavenly cake, these gorgeous pastries are all so tempting. Where a little goes a long way, my morning is decidedly complete with a pairing of a ‘pain au chocolat’ and café latté. Above all, good coffee makes for a ‘good’ morning! Already gaining my patronage with pleasant service and quality indulgences, the Waterfront Bakery does not disappoint.

For foodies wanting a heartier start to the day, Eight AM fits the bill. Catering to all things variety – eggs, waffles, coffee, tea, juices and the like – it’s definitely one of those venues where you’ll arrive for one dish, and will return the next day wanting more.  Hearts everyhere, order’s up and includes: a classic American-style trio of eggs, sausage and hash in addition to a vanilla yoghurt and granola fruit parfait, and – what else – a couple of latté beverages. Promptly seated and served generous portions, this eatery clearly knows how to whip up and dish out the “most important meal of the day.” As for a final insider’s tip, attention to all ‘sleepy’ folk: if you snooze, you’ll really lose out on priority seating and will have to wait in queue. And if that doesn’t sound bad, now imagine waiting while the intoxicating aroma of pancakes, waffles and bacon give you a few hintful reminders of why it’s better to avoid tardiness.

Leaving happy, both restos are worth venturing at daybreak. Gaining prime meals and friendly service, this is exactly how you want to kick start the day. Going coastal, scheduling time to break the midnight fast with good eats is always a bright idea – over-easy!

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Christmas in San Fran!

Festive tidings to all, from – where else – golden San Francisco! Taking in all the sights, from downtown to oceanside, this city is truly a beauty to behold. Clearly loving the car chasing streets once idolized by McQueen – think Bullitt – archicture is rampant and beyond compare.

Time fleeting, however, venturing to the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, the Painted Ladies, Chinatown and more, reign top on my list. Equally, there’s a particular cardio-induced feat that I must share and one that leaves me wanting more – food, that is! Seriously building an appetite, post an uphill climb to Lombard Street, you must not rush your departure from up here. Truly breathtaking, be sure to soak up the marvel that is synonymous with the spectacular city view of Russian Hill’s zigzag streets. Doing just that, I catch my breath and capture a few “Kodak Moments” prior to heading back toward Fisherman’s Wharf.

Lovely weather, we’re having? Yes, indeed! Fresh air galore and barking abound, the famous sea lions of Pier 39 are beckoning. Playful, noisy, and sometimes more concerned with relaxing by the harbour, than anything else, it’s not everyday I get to watch sea mammals, so catching a glimpse is an adventure in of itself. Best of all, Pier 39 is not too far of a stretch from the Christmas Market or Boudin, ‘the place’ for fresh sour dough bowls filled with hot clam chowder – need I say more?

Spirits high with good sights and feasts, San Francisco has easily become one of my new faovurite North American destinations. From exploring rich history to food, natural forests and engineered wonders, there’s a little bit of everything for all that excites your senses. From Dishful to you and yours, Happy Holdays!!

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