Stop and Savour Violas!

Retiro Park arr“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…” Irrespective of title, Juliette was right to hold intrinsic value in matters of true substance – her Romeo. Agreeably, beauty can be identified anywhere and at any given moment.

La Violeta Exterior arrRoses in full bloom, how can one pass on inhaling nature’s potpourri? At Parque del Buen Retiro, I did just that – stroll and sniff – in a not-so-secret garden. Ethereally intoxicated – ‘love’ at first scent – my senses were showered by this madrileño park’s euphoric blend of floral sweetness. One balmy splash, ‘al fresco,’ and I wanted more of Mother Nature’s offerings. People consume herbs, I pondered, why not flowers? Seriously! Skepticism aside, consider the following: tarragon, rose water, and perfume; we’ve all either tried, heard or spritzed one of the aforementioned blossom-rich contents.La Violeta Candies arr

Amazingly, having formerly asked, I did receive sought-after aromatic nectar at La Violeta – a greenhouse of violet hard candy. Located in Plaza de Canalejas, this confectionary boutique specializes in sophisticated bonbons that leaves ‘green thumbs’ in the know for something wonderful – what doesn’t grow together can still go together. Creatively pairing the edible purple flower with melted sugar, potent essence is used to ultimately cultivate a new species of fragrant ‘caramelos’ (candy). La Violeta Tin arr

At this candy orchard, a little – shrunken violet – goes a long way. Lovely in look and smell, the solid state of these concentrated indulgences leave odds in your favour for requited and enduring taste – to the last frosted petal! Both an edible bouquet and ideal souvenir, ‘caramelos’ are highly enjoyable and come attractively packaged in motif boxes, tins, and glass or porcelain containers of varying sizes and price points. With my very own capsulated bunch of ‘eau de violette,’ parting Madrid allows for a continuum of such sweet ‘blue’ nostalgia.

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