INSTA Ice Cream

Insta Ice Cream 13 arrInstantly made for “insta” yum, no-churn ice cream is the answer to all things delicious and frozen.  Essentially, the dessert for summer time.

Truly no fuss and easy to make, anyone can whip up their very own batch of homemade frozen confection. For the start of your own, all you need are three ingredients – heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla essence.

To prepare humble vanilla ice cream – also the base to future flavourful variations – first pour the ‘necessities’ into a mixing bowl, whip the combined trio until soft peaks form and then set contents into the ice box to fully solidify. Et voilà! You’ve mastered no-churn ice cream.

From here, the possibilies are endless. You can create a menu of delectable dairy rich frozen treats. To start, mix-in palatable additions of choice whether via fruit compote, crushed cookies or biscuits, chocolate chunks, chopped almonds or walnuts, and even broken pieces of your preferred candy bar.

Insta Ice Cream 2 arrHaving fun with the making of several ice creams, I couldn’t stop at one or two. Essentially setting up my own ice cream parlour – if only for a day – going for gold is the aim. And so, when a couple flavours just don’t cut it, I set my eyes on building a dream team of flavour pairings to include mine, yours, and everyone’s favourites: mint chip, mocha almond fudge, cherry cheesecake, caramel macchiato crunch, Oreos ‘n’ cream, and a peachy-esque spin resulting in ‘nouveau’ nectarines and cream. Likewise, candy coated cones with sprinkles and the works are a must – a match-made winning combo for the otherwise already beautified real cream scoops.

Made in an instant and ‘flash’ frozen, personalizing your ice cream to create a range of tastes is a cinch. To do so, simply remember the magic of three: three items and three steps – combine, whip and freeze. Word to the wise: for mint chip, I omit vanilla essence and replace it with pure mint extract. Alternatively, deconstructed banana split ice cream can made by using banana flavouring as well. Once again, the sky’s the limit when creating your very own plain or fusion ice cream, especially when starting with the original no-churn base. Rocky road or what ever route you take your ice cream, there’s one ultimate certainty: no-churn ice cream is an “insta” success.

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Melon Ice Pops

Are hot and humid days leaving you with a muggy disposition? Fortunately, taming boiling temperaments is possible with a clear solution ─ ice pops to the rescue! Evading sugary selects, this summer encourages the making of your very own icebox “go-to” treat. For my take, I forgo the freezer aisle and opt for fresh and seasonally fragrant produce. Both naturally sweet, either watermelon or cantaloupe is ideal for your choice of melon pops though other varieties ─ canary, honeydew or casaba ─ are equally formidable substitutes.

Melon Ice Pops 3 arrSimply delicious and irresistibly quick to make, here’s how: cut your melon of choice into chunks, then place fleshy cubes into a food processor and pulse until a purée consistency is reached; and finally, pour contents into a popsicle mold and set it into a freezer. It’s truly that easy! Just chop, blend, and let it go into the icebox to solidify. To enjoy, simply remove the frozen pops from the icebox and leave them at room temperature to slightly defrost. Melon Ice Pops 2 arrOr, if you can’t wait, run hot tap water over the surface of the container’s exterior until a popsicle loosens and is ready for a lift. ‘Et voilà!’ ─ no-fuss frosticles!

Subtly sweet and virtually guilt-free, I did not add any sugar to my batch of cantaloupe melon pops. Hopefully, you will also luck out with ripened fruit. But if not, no worries! Keeping a cool head, you can most definitely adjust this recipe with extra helpings ─ tablespoon(s) of sugar or honey ─ and ultimately appease your sweet tooth. As a rule of thumb, remember: give blitzed contents a taste and, then, fine-tune ingredients to create a palatably suitable concoction.Melon Ice Pops 7 arr

No food processor? ─ No problem! In keeping with a cool summer and the above steps, you can conveniently use a blender to make melon pops. As a friendly tip, liquid may be required to facilitate movement of solid watermelon or cantaloupe with this particular kitchen gadget. In this case, adding some water ─ just as I have for the cantaloupe pops ─ can help yield a liquefied texture. If watching your sugar-intake is a non-issue, replacing water with a splash or two of simple syrup ─ or a little more ─ is completely fine. Getting creative, you can even try elevating these frozen fruit pops with flavourful bursts of freshly squeezed orange or lemon citrus. Putting a lip-smacking spin on this recipe, I combine watermelon with good old-fashioned lemonade to create the best of both worlds ─ a tartly sweet edible duality that works, tastefully!

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