Golden Ticket

Who could blame Augustus for not wanting to save room for later? Let no man or man-made milky river come in the way of one’s love affair for chocolate. Watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – the original – is a definite all-time favourite visual guilty pleasure. Even more enjoyable, however, remains indulging in pieces of purely divine, refined, high quality premium grade cacao itself. While I’ll forgo jumping into a chocolate river, anytime soon, I can appreciate the lengths – or strokes – some willfully take to passionately display their affection for this decadent edible indulgence. LondonHarrodsJellyBeans arr

Dream, eat or bake with chocolate – chocophilia is universal! And for connoisseurs, like myself, I am pleasantly thrilled to sight and vacuum all things unheard and unseen pertaining to chocolate. Travelling across the Atlantic, my London-town marked boarding pass was the “golden ticket” to soaking up interesting candy-inspired slogans, ads, and even delicious titles assigned to meticulously wrapped bars.

LondonDrifterCandy arrAs they say, life is like an aisle of chocolate and you never know what you’re going to encounter. Among some ‘Randoms’ – gums drops – I found myself in the mood for sighting more foreign delights. Who knew re-learning English could be so much fun? Taking note, I studied the ‘Drifter,’ ‘Flake’ and roaring ‘Lion’ – all chocolate – stored in one of many Brit candy shops. Undeniably attractive, it’s easy to understand one’s lure to these shiny, sealed parcels reminiscent of neighbouring sweet commoners – Twix, Kit Kat and Bounty bars.LondonMcDmcflurry arr

Stepping out in London, when it rains it pours – but, purple? Affirmative! Bearing its royal violet seal, present-day chocolate loyalists already know of Cadbury’s rich history and contribution to British confections – the quintessential brand of candy, both loyally irresistible and irresistibly loyal. From grocery stores to McDonald’s this signature trademark is not to be missed. Even as a pioneer chocolate manufacturer, Cadbury novelties are unchanged in taste but reinvented in form to produce limited-time offerings – most obvious, “Creme Egg McFlurry.”

LondonHarrodsBoxChoc arrCracking soft-centered Cadbury eggs for consumption are sure to brighten up someone’s day. For me, I enjoyed a similar sunny-side forecast but, indoors and ground level at the Harrods’ flagship. LondonHarrodsEgg arrEntering the Food Halls, here, and specifically making my way to the chocolates and confectionary corner I was in candy land paradise. While less is more, for some, my palate for rich and heavenly dark chocolate says, “bring on the cocoa” – 70% plus, to be exact! Luckily, glorious finds are abound and plenty ranging from jelly beans, nut and fruit barks, toffee, ice cream and of course, in Harrods’ grand fashion, the jaw-dropping toddler-sized solid chocolate sculpture – my ideal egg. When it comes to candy-select or boutique standard chocolate, there are no good or bad ‘eggs’ – taste is subjective.

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