Empire State of Appetite

New York City! Home of the Yankees, overflowing with bright lights, tall skyscrapers, and where dreams are born and stars are made. It’s no wonder people are drawn to this metropolis; whether in pursuit of business, theatrical arts, or the latest trends the possibilities are endless. The ‘Big Apple,’ as it’s revered, truly has it all.

Among my list of desired travel destinations, a bucket-list of must-see cities so to speak, N.Y.C. made the cut; and it all happened, last year. Circa summer of 2012, I made my way to the financial capital and heartbeat of America. Despite my short-lived visit to Manhattan, my trip did not fall short of grand sights, sounds or flavours. Needless to say, I was anything but disappointed.

Pretzels Cropped arrAt every street corner, you’ll encounter a feast for the eyes. The surplus of street food, open fruit stalls, local markets, and restaurants can be compared to a buffet of endless meal options from which you can choose.

NYChinatown Cropped arrJourneying through Chinatown, glistening seasonal cherries immediately caught my attention. I was more eager, however, to save my appetite for a sit-down lunch. And so, off I went travelling against the populous, like salmon swimming against the current, in what can be argued as one of the best walking cities in the world.

Captivated by my surroundings, I found the bustling energy contagious and all the more reason to fuel up on good food. Amidst the honking cabbies and moving pedestrians, a literal visual display of tango between man and machine had unfolded in clear sight. While both the drivers and citizens heeded signals to get to their destination I, too, was eager to reach my own; a food stop, of course.

Little Italy is the place to eat! I was warmly greeted and invited to sit down at a number of open patios, by waiters who did not shy away from informing me, and others, of specialty menu items. Caprese salad, stone-oven baked margherita pizza and a glass of wine sounded just like what I needed; and thus, I indulged.Cropped Cafe Roma arr

New Yorkers are friendly, and the same can be described of the service I received. Just as I thought I ate to my heart’s content, I spotted a sign, New York’s “Voted Best Cannoli.” It goes without saying, I did what any other true foodie would do; I continued with my epicurean venture.NYC cannoli arr

As I entered Caffe Roma, a corner-stone Italian pastry shop, founded in 1891, I was drawn to the artistry and old-world ambiance of this establishment. I felt as if I was taken back to another era, if only for a few seconds. Soon enough, the aroma of freshly brewed espresso and the sweet essence of the bakery awoke me, and gladly so.

I heart ‘good’ desserts, and given the abundant selection I felt both indecisive yet impatient to finally savour my afternoon treat. Between the gelato and assortment of traditional biscuits, I finally decided to go with the city’s favourite, cannoli! Let me tell you, it was ‘good.’ I don’t eat cannolis very often but, I’m glad I ate one here! Caffe Roma offered a delicate though crispy cannoli shell, dipped into chocolate, and filled with a creamy and sweet filling that soothed my sweet tooth.

Afternoon success, reached? With all the good shopping and eating, definitely! Overall, a repeat visit to N.Y.C. is a must!

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